A Pinterest-inspired DIY Weekend – Part Three: Interior-painted Vases


The last major project I undertook last weekend was some painted vases.  As has clearly become a theme with my projects, my goal was to add another pop of color to our beige apartment.  I can’t-can’t-can’t wait for the day when Adam and I have a home with walls I can paint.  I’m so over beige wallpaper.  But this is our home for now, and most of the time it’s great, so if it takes a handful of dollars and an afternoon on Pinterest to make some fun projects to beautify our home.

So – vases.  More shopping at Michael’s!  I picked up five small vases in various sizes and shapes, some not-super-fake-looking multi-colored silk flowers, and a few different colors of acrylic paint (some of which were the ones I was already getting for the painting).  The rest of the process was really simple.

IMG_3599 IMG_3609

Pour in some paint, swirl it around to cover the vase (you could use a brush in some of them but I was just veerrrry patient), and set them upside-down to dry.

IMG_3629 IMG_3630
And once they were mostly dried (I was tired of being patient!), I stuck in the flowers and arranged them on a desk in our dining room.  I think they’re lovely and so cheerful!