A Pinterest-inspired DIY Weekend – Part Two: Ceramic Coasters!


Continuing with my updates from last weekend’s Pinterest project blowout, here’s the second project I undertook – coasters!  I kept seeing posts about how easy it was to make your own set of coasters, and I’d pinned them as ideas for inexpensive Christmas gifts since we already had a set of coasters.  But the more I thought about it, our coasters were cheap, probably from Ikea, $2-for-a-pack-of-eight foam circle-type thingies.  And a few months ago Adam redid our coffee table to be a lovely robin’s egg blue confection, and I thought such a lovely table deserved a nice set of coasters.

So – off to Michael’s and Lowe’s I went!  Shopping list: Mod Podge (which I already had a jar of), a can of acrylic sealant, scrapbook paper/cardstock, tiles, and felt bumper pads.  The first couple of things I got at Michael’s – the sealant was I think $7 or $8 for the spray paint-sized can, and the scrapbook paper was 69 cents a sheet (I bought two).  At Lowe’s I found the felt pads, $3 or $4 for a pack of close to 100, and plain 4-inch square tiles for 16 cents each.  I decided I wanted to make two sets of coasters, four each, to get the maximum amount of color pop and variety.  I took my color inspiration once again from the fabric for our bench, even more important this time since the bench is in the same room as the coffee table – and soon to be the coasters.

I started by laying out the tiles and cutting the paper down to fit – I bought a sheet of pale yellow wood-looking paper and one of a blue mosaic tile pattern.

I then took each tile, one by one, and swiped a layer of Mod Podge on top.  Once the tile was covered, I very carefully laid the cut paper smoothly on top, and covered the paper itself with another layer of Mod Podge.


The same process was repeated for each of the eight tiles.


The tiles were given about 15 or 20 minutes to dry, and another coat of Mod Podge was put on top, repeating until the tiles had been given three layers of Mod Podge.  Once they were dry, I sprayed them down with the acrylic sealant and left them to dry.  Once they had dried, all that was left to do was give them felt bumpers so they wouldn’t scratch up our beautiful coffee table.


And at the end – finished product!  I love them.



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