A Pinterest-inspired DIY Weekend – Part One: Painting!

I know it’s been a long time since I posted last.  All of a sudden it’s August and summer seems to have gotten away from me.  I made notes over the course of the last few months of some yummy recipes I made, took some photos, all with the intention of sharing them with you….but somehow it’s almost Labor Day!  Luckily for me the vast majority of my summer was spent blissfully, with many hours passed out-of-doors reading in the sunshine, sometimes with my feet in the water, eating good meals with my honey, hanging out with my family, and lots and lots of late-night frozen yogurt runs.

But for some reason as of late I’ve been feeling a little….I don’t know, creatively unfulfilled?  So I decided a day of crafting, doing something with my hands, to beautify our little home was desperately called for.  My problem, however – which is not a new one – is that I couldn’t make up my mind as to what to tackle.  Too many projects seemed too fun and enticing!  So, armed with a shopping list and one-too-many Pinterest posts, I set off for Michael’s and the grocery store on Saturday morning, and proceeded to spend the rest of my day gleefully covered in acrylic paint and Mod Podge.

Project One: a painting for our bedroom!


Inspired by a post I’d pinned many months ago, I’d a while back gotten Adam’s approval (and great enthusiasm!) for my idea of making some art for our bedroom.  The wall above our bed was glaringly blank, and although I like to think we have some great stuff hanging on our walls, nothing seemed to fit that space.  So – why not make art?  Although I love to craft and make little projects, I don’t at all consider myself an “artist” – but this seemed like something I felt totally confident in my ability to do, so I dove in headfirst!  My supply list was culled from the “Pinspiration” post – a canvas, cream-colored paint, a brown acrylic paint pen, a variety of acrylic paints, and some round sponge brushes.

It’s important to note that you could make this painting any size you like, in any sort of color scheme.  I took a photo of the fabric we used for our bench upholstery as my inspiration, and personally wanted a variety of colors.  But you could do a bunch of blues or greens in an ombre effect, black and white and gray…..whatever you fancy!


First things first – I recommend giving the canvas a cream-colored base coat, as suggested in the original post.  It makes the overall piece feel warmer when you’re done.  Again, if you’re going for a starker color palette you may want to skip this step.  I didn’t have any spray paint handy so I used a cheap little bottle of acrylic and a foam brush.


Once the base coat has dried, grab your brown acrylic pen and go to town drawing branches.  Short, tall, lots of little offshoots or none at all – you can’t go wrong.  Just fill up the canvas!


Now comes the fun part.  Grab your assorted sizes of round sponge brushes, a paper plate or plastic container, your paints…..and go nuts!  Sponge on your “leaves” all over the branches you’ve drawn, in whatever layout you fancy.  Make sure to mix up the sizes and colors but again – you can’t go wrong.  In less than a half hour (depends on how fast you sponge – and how fast you wash and dry your brushes!) you’ll have a finished piece.


I honestly couldn’t believe how fantastically this turned out.  Adam and I both love it – we can’t wait to hang it up in our bedroom!  I think it’ll really add some life and a pop of color that the room so desperately needed.  And for less than $30 for everything – you can’t beat it!

(Note: I got all of my supplies at Michael’s.  The I believe 24 x 28 – or something similar – inch canvas was about $18.  69 cents a piece for the paints, $3 for the acrylic pen, and I think $4 for the assortment of brushes.)


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